Furniture Agents

China Goal is a furniture agent that works with manufacturers from China. We specify in high quality furniture for the event industry. We put customer satisfaction first, offering fast responses, live chat, and English speaking employees. We provide quality furniture made in China to many different countries, such as Australia, America, Europe, and Mexico.

China Wholesale

Our range of venues that we provide for include restaurant furniture, café furniture, club furniture, hotel furniture, and church furniture. We know that keeping your customer happy is your main goal. That is why we source furniture from China to provide furniture that is comfortable and durable. Many of our products are lightweight and stacking, which allows easy storage when space is needed or the venue needs to be cleaned. Along with being easily stored, most of our products are easy to clean making maintenance an easy job.

Importing Furniture

As a furniture agent, we guarantee satisfaction with all of our products, since they are long lasting, durable, and unique. All of our furniture comes with a warrantee to guarantee the quality of our China wholesale products. We make ordering an easy process and provide estimated shipping to guarantee on time delivery, as well as a place to request samples.